Types Of Bathroom Sinks

You probably didn’t realize how many types of bathroom sinks existed until you had to remodel your bathroom. Now, you can’t decide which one to get. A few tips to help you in picking out which one is best for your bathroom is to decide on the overall look or feel you are trying to achieve. Are you going for a more contemporary and sleek look or did you want a more traditional or classic look? Another thing to consider is the space available in your bathroom for your sink. You can use a pedestal sink if you’re saving on floor space or you can use an undermount sink if you you want to maximize your counter space.

There are several choices to choose from so regardless of your bathroom requirements, you will find a bathroom sink that will be perfect for your  bathroom. Here are some of the bathroom sink types you can choose from:

Pedestal Sink –  It is called as such because the leg in which the sink is attached to looks like a pedestal. It gives a very neat and nifty look. The downside is it does not allow storage space. For small bathrooms, try to check corner pedestal sinks for further space-saving features.

Free Standing Vanities- This is the best of both worlds as this is a combination of pedestal and vanity sink. This type fills in what pedestal sinks lack which is storage space.

Wall Mounted Sink– This can also save substantial floor space like pedestal sinks. It is perfect for small bathrooms or powder rooms. To make up for the lack of storage space, some partner it with a medicine cabinet. It must be noted that it is a bit less durable than other sinks as it can be quite vulnerable to forcible impacts or thrusts.

Under-mount Sink – This kind of sink is installed beneath a solid countertop like marble, granite or quartz. This kind of sink takes a bit of space so it may not be at the disposal of some homeowners. This sink may be a little bit more expensive than other options but is worth the extra dollars as it gives both a classy and  a contemporary look to your bathroom.

Vessel Sink – This is when a basin-like sink is placed on top of a counter. There are many choices to choose from for your sink like glass, stone, marble, mosaic, handcrafted and many more. These do not come cheap though and it may not be a good fit for some bathrooms.

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